Showcase Clippon The ProBeacon is using low-energy secure Bluetooth connections to transmit ID’s or prompts directly to a smartphone. A smartphone in range can receive and interpret those signals and activate a mobile app. This app will understand the proximity to nearby object and locations and as such deliver very localized and personal content in context of the customer ‘s experience! Traveller App Beacons can make our lives easier reducing stress moments during a journey by pro-actively delivering smart, relevant and up-to-date information. Think about hassle-free flight boarding or latest train track changes, delays and how to best navigate to nearby restrooms or retail shops adapted to your location and arrival/departure time. OV Check-in Transportation companies can improve customer service by offering free content or special offers from nearby retailers while waiting for a bus or train. Due to the unique ProBeacon security options it’s even possible to check-in a train or bus using the mobile traveler app. OV Check-out Increase travel comfort during a train journey by offering personalized real time connection, alternative routes or event information based on your specific location in the train, while respecting your privacy needs. You decide if you opt-in or not! After a pleasant train journey, you check-out and pay while leaving the train station zone. Did you somehow forget to check-out then you will automatically receive a reminder notification. Customer Loyalty Retailers can now recognize their customers in store or even before they enter the store and deliver personalized, location-based content directly to their smartphones, like a personal promotion offer, a coupon for a specific brand or a review about a product. Buy Direct Retailers can facilitate customers by giving them the freedom to pay with their smartphone through an in-app payment, without the need for a banc card. The ProBeacon will act as a matchmaker and will validate the transaction in the background due to it’s unique security mechanism’s. Vending Machine Enable your vending machine with a ProBeacon and the only thing the consumer has to do is make a choice and order a product on his smartphone. The embedded beacon will take care of the delivery and payment transaction. Hotel check-in Facilitate your hotel guests through automatic mobile check-in at arrival and let them use the phone as their room key. Clippon benefits Consumers: improved navigation, better information, less wasted waiting hours, hassle-free check-in, in-app payment and personalized offerings. Companies: improved customer satisfaction and perception and new monetization opportunity’s. Machines: vending machines are now able to communicate with consumers through the mobile phone, reducing the need for cash money and deliver special cross- and upsell offerings. Traveller App downloading... train Utrecht platform 5 13:05 train Utrecht check-in validated Utrecht CS check-out validated discount on poloshirts today buy this poloshirt € 25,- purchase completed Thank you your favorite Spritz Light € 1,50 Welcome, room 75 is available