Grootlicht Interactive Design was founded by Ivo van de Grift in January 2000. The business started with building websites, but soon made the transition to creating rich media banners and web based games in Adobe Flash. With the rise of mobile content in the last couple of years, Grootlicht took a renewed interest in creating HTML based content.


With almost 20 years of experience in creating web based content, I'm a bit of a 'jack of all trades', working as a programmer and a designer, I'm able to bridge the gap between the two trades. Rather than using editors, I like to write my own code (HTML/CSS/JS). Likewise, on the design-side of things, I'm skilled in designing websites, UI elements and creating illustrations and animations. In a nutshell:

Tags: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, GreenSock, SVG, Video, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Recent projects

Working Spirit - video

Commissioned by SOLOsinds2014, a promotional video for Working Spirit ICT.
project: video Working Spirit

The Trust Chain - video

Commissioned by an undisclosed international bank, a promotional video for a new banking protocol.
project: video #1 | video #2 | video #3

Spy Software - editorial illustration

Commissioned by 'de Correspondent'.
project: article | illustrations

Clippon - customer journey

Commissioned by Clippon, promotional web-animation
project: project


Please contact me if you have any questions about my portfolio or commissions.

e-mail: info@grootlicht.com
telephone: +31(0)26 446 47 28
behance: www.behance.net/grootlicht
facebook: www.facebook.com/grootlichtinteractive
address: Klarendalseweg 362 | 6822 GS
Arnhem | The Netherlands